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Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 IC Riflescope 80400926 Rifle Scope

Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 IC Riflescope 80400926 Rifle Scope
Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 IC Riflescope 80400926 Rifle Scope

Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 IC Riflescope 80400926 Rifle Scope

Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 IC Riflescope 80400926 Rifle Scope. The twilight specialist, superior for sitting game and when hunting in the very last light. Excellent light gathering characteristics far exceed what other scopes provide in low light conditions.

Making the impossible long range shot possible. High contrast and optimal sharpness of detail, especially in the last light. 58 mm lens diameter means more than 7% additional light yield compared to a 56 mm lens. 20x magnification provides invaluable services to safely identify game and gives the ability to interpret and understand targets at long range. Blaser enters the rifle scope market for 2018 with the all new Infinity line.

Only in combination with top-class target optics can hunters use the potential of their rifle to the fullest. If the design of the riflescope is then optimally aligned with the firearm, the result is a combination of unparalleled elegance and performance. Intelligent Variable Dot technology automatically adjusts the red dot intensity based on the magnification setting.

Color Corrective Coating to allow for a clear and high contrast view of the target. SLP (Smart Lens Coating) technology protects eye-peice and objective lens from dirt and moisture when hunting in less desirable conditions.

Light transmission over 90% makes the Infinity riflescopes exceptional for hunting at night. Compared to scopes featuring a 56mm objective lens diameter, 58mm provide an additional light yield of 7%. This allows use of a higher magnification with better detail recognition in deep twilight or at night. Anodized hard-coating protects the riflescope from falls and drops in the field, as well as a Nano technology applied finish that ensures both dust and water resistance.

Turret design and placement precisely engineered to be as non-obstructive as possible, allows effortless tracking of fast moving targets right before target acquisition with the scope. QDC (Quick Distance Control) allows the hunter to switch between their zeroed setting and GEE (4 cm high at 100 m) for longer distance shots. Locking adjustment turrets ensure that there can be no unintentional adjustments made. To extend battery life for the illuminated reticle, when the scope is in very steep, vertical, or laying position the reticle will automatically shut off. When the rifle is brought back into a shooting position the scope will automatically turn the reticle back on.

Blaser R8 rifles that feature the iC cocking slide will automatic turn on the illuminated reticle when in the pushed to the ready-to-fire position. For rifles without the iC cocking slide, the illuminated reticle can be turned on via right side turret. Field of View (100m / 109yds). 9.2m 1.9m (10yds 2yds). Turret Adjustment: 1cm / 100m (0.39 / 109yds).

Elevation Adjustment (100m / 109yds): ±75cm (0.82 yds). Elevation Adjustment w/ QDC (100m / 109yds): 80cm (31.5). Windage Adjustment (100m / 109yds): ±50cm (19.68).

50m (54.7yds) to infinity, 100m (109yds) arresting. Reticle: Infinity Reticle w/ IVD (Intelligent Variable Dot). When using the 0.2° forward inclined Blaser Mount. Reticle in the first focal plane.

For highest possible shooting accuracy under all conditions, technical solutions are needed where precision-reducing factors are already excluded due to the construction. This applies not only to firearm and scope mount, but also to the target optics themselves. A good example of such a coherent design are the notches to fit the Blaser Saddle Mount: They are positioned directly on the barrel, thus resulting in the ideal integration of optics to barrel. The philosophy behind the design of the Blaser Infinity riflescopes is zero tolerance.

Only with riflescopes featuring a reticle in the first focal plane, the point of impact cannot be changed when switching magnification due to their special design. The reticle overlays the target image before the moving parts of the zoom system come into play. With modern riflescopes the reticle is usually positioned in the second focal plane, close to the eyepiece.

This design solution is normally chosen due to cost-efficiency. However, its disadvantage is that mechanical tolerances can cause deviations from the point of impact when changing magnification. In order to respond to the highest requirements when it comes to precision, the Blaser Infinity riflescopes deliberately feature the reticle in the first focal plane forward of the magnification lenses. Only with this design, mechanical tolerances do not influence the point of impact when changing magnification.

Reticle in the first focal plane, thin reticle structures with minimal target subtension even on highest magnification, daylight-visible illuminated dot, adjustable to extreme light conditions: From daytime in winter to hunting at night. Bold reticle bars which affect the view at high magnifications were up to now a disadvantage when positioning the reticle in the first focal plane. Thanks to the innovative Swiss phase grating technology, it was possible to realize a low subtension of the reticle with the Blaser Infinity riflescopes, even at high magnifications.

In combination with the illuminated dot, which can be adjusted due to visibility conditions, a perfect balance is achieved to support accurate shooting under all hunting scenarios. When seconds matter; first focal plane scopes are the preferred choice for shooters who will be utilizing reticle subtensions for target distance estimations.

This tried and true method eliminates complicated mathematical formulas and allows you to easily estimate range or use the correct hold over point to take a long distance shot. As with reticles in the first focal plane, the distance between the reticle bars in relation to the target size remains constant with any magnification you choose.

Your riflescope will become a tool that can be used to estimate the shooting distance at lightning speed. If the Blaser R8 bolt action rifle features an iC cocking slide, pushing the cocking slide into the ready-to-fire position automatically activates the illuminated dot in all Blaser Infinity riflescope models.

A sensor in the riflescope recognizes the position of the cocking slide and automatically regulates the switch-on/-off function of the illuminated dot. In order to prepare for the shot one single movement is enough: Pushing the cocking slide forward. The illuminated dot's intensity then always corresponds to the intensity that was adjusted last.

Its adjustment is comfortably done using the turret on the scope's right. Thanks to this perfect interplay of rifle and scope you gain time and thus the necessary calmness for a safe shot.

When using Blaser Infinity riflescopes on rifles without iC cocking slide, the illuminated dot is activated manually by pulling out the turret on the right. In order to reach the longest possible battery life, the illuminated dot automatically switches off as soon as the rifle is in a very steep to vertical or lying position.

Once taking a shooting position again, the illuminated dot is automatically activated. The Blaser Infinity model 17x28 iC is state-of-the-art level performance additionally equipped with an Intelligent Variable Dot. Rough terrain, foul weather, and high levels of stress will put even the most experienced hunter to the test. The dual output feature of the illuminated dot is just the answer you have been searching for. At low power of magnification, 4x and lower, the illuminated dot is larger in size and ideal for fast moving game providing ideal situational awareness and intuitive target acquisition. The IVDs dot intensity can also be adjusted by a side mounted turret. Above 4x magnification the dot size is automatically reduced for accurate shot placement over long distances. Precise dot resolution is essential for target identification and shot placement. The dot intensity can also be adjusted by a side mounted turret. Whether bright sun, reflective snow or deep twilight, as soon as the game comes into sight, target acquisition is intuitive.

Shooting over very long distances while hunting is the exception rather than the rule. However, there are situations, in which a long-range shot may become necessary.

Good, when you are technically prepared for being able to remain on target and not having to aim higher. The reticle adjustment of the Blaser Infinity riflescopes was specially developed for this purpose. Its highly precise and at the same time robust mechanics provide a consistently reliable repeat accuracy. The Blaser Infinity riflescope models 2.820x50 iC and 420x58 iC come with QDC Quick Distance Control as a standard. Before shooting over long distances, the corresponding elevation correction of the fast reticle adjustment can be done quickly and easily even when already in shooting position. A unique feature is the possibility to fix the two adjustments zeroed and GEE (4cm high with a rifle that is zeroed at 100m). This insures that an unintentional adjustment is not possible. Nevertheless hunters can easily make windage or elevation adjustments with just one twist of the hand, should they need. If, due to a long shooting distance, 4cm high shot at 100 meters should not be sufficient, the reticle elevation adjustment can be rotated further by the necessary number of clicks. In this case, the adjustment is not locked by lowering the adjustment turret, so that its previously selected adjustments remain clearly visible.

With this, the risk of forgetting to set back to normal position, is almost excluded. The adjustment turret for parallax is also protected against unintended movement. The turret is locked for a distance of approximately 100m.

The turret is also graduated for distances greater than 100 m and is easily pulled out to select the desired distance. Rifle and scope, a perfect match. The Blaser Infinity riflescopes were designed by hunters with a passion for hunting. Their distinctive design gives rifle and scope a perfectly shaped overall appearance.

The very flat turret for the windage adjustment was deliberately positioned on the left side of the riflescope's body. For right-handed shooters (more than 85% of all hunters) this provides an unobstructed view of the scope settings without interfering with your peripheral vision. Above all when shooting at moving game, where it is fundamentally recommended to keep both eyes open, this is a great advantage to having an optimum view over the total field of view. The clean lines of the Blaser Infinity riflescopes sit in perfect harmony with rifle and target optics. All functional components feature a robust rubber coating with unique fish-scale chequering, providing a distinctive style and color schemes perfectly adapted to those of the rifle.

The durable body of the Blaser Infinity riflescopes features a robust hard anodized coating which makes it resistant to external influences. When dealing with drop or fall while hunting, the illumination adjustment turret was purposefully not positioned close to the eyepiece but in compact unit with the parallax adjustment turret to avert damage.

Both operating elements are made of sturdy metal and feature a vulcanized rubber coating in handy fish-scale chequered design. The CCC (Color Corrective Coating) multi-layer coating of all lenses provides a color neutral, high-contrast view at any time of day. Eyepiece and objective lens are additionally protected against dirt and moisture thanks to the SLP (Smart Lens Protection) coating. The finish is applied using nano technology ensuring water and dust resistance.

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  • Brand: Blaser
  • Color: Black
  • Lens Diameter: 58mm
  • Maximum Magnification: 20X
  • Model: Infinity
  • MPN: 80400926
  • Reticle: Crosshair
  • UPC: Does not apply

Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 IC Riflescope 80400926 Rifle Scope